How I Edit My Instagram Photos.

Lately I have been editing my Instagram photos using the VSCO app and I could not be happier with the results. I always wanted to know how people got those Tumblr-esque style photos with really contrasted colors and cool vibes and after playing around with the VSCO app I figured out my own little combo of filters to achieve this look. Take a look down below to see how I edit my photos!

Step one: Take photo in natural lighting to achieve the best quality photo.

Step two: Open photo in VSCO app and open up the filters option at the bottom. (Click on the button that look like two parallel lines) Scroll all the way over to the right and select the shop filters button. Scroll down to The Aesthetic Series and download it. (This collection is free! #winning)

Step three: Select the filter A6 for your photo and leave it all the way up level 12.

Step four: Up the contrast to either one or two depending on how dark you want the photo. I usually do two.

Step five: Up the clarity and sharpness to two.

Step six: Next select the highlight save and up that to three.

Step seven: Then click on temperature and make that negative one or two based off of how warm the photo is. For this Instagram theme cool tones are best!

Step eight: Next go to exposure and either plus or minus one depending on how bright you want the photo. I usually do negative one for a more shadowy/contrasted look.

Step nine: Go over to the grain option and take that up to two.

Step ten: Upload photo to Instagram!


  1. I have been LOVING your feed lately! Similar aesthetic to mine, so obvi I was drawn to it :) Have you tried the J1 filter yet? I think you would love that one as well!

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