Coffee Table Refresh


Recently I feel as though I have really found my style when it comes to home decor. I would simply describe my style as traditional. Give me all the classic things such as cherry wood furniture, damask wallpaper, polished brass and florals galore. My goal is to cultivate each room in our house to have that comfortable, lived-in feeling that the traditional style exudes.  

Our coffee table was feeling a bit blah these days, so I thought it was time to give it a little refresh using things that were laying around my house along with some new pieces added in.

The focal piece on my coffee table is definitely this blue and white ginger jar that I found while thrifting a few weeks ago! I added some light pink tapered candles to these silver candle stick holders and I placed those on top of an antique book for a cozy, layered look. Speaking of coffee table books, @ourcolonialcottage on Instagram shares the best home decor book recommendations such as the two I have linked down below. On top of another antique book I had laying around, I placed my crystal coasters and a bowl full of moss balls, which was inspired by @summerwind41490 on Instagram. I love how the moss balls bring life to the whole look!

Below I have found similar items to the ones I used to create my coffee table-scape. I would highly recommend checking out your local antique and thrift stores to find one of a kind pieces for your home!

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