After seeing the new Disney Cinderella movie three weeks in a row when it first came out in March, I became completely Cinderella obsessed. Every time I saw a store that had 'Cinderella' inspired (fill in the blank,) I had to get my hands on it. I have makeup from the Cinderella for Mac collection, a dress from the LC Lauren Conrad Cinderella line (which I wore here,) and I even picked up this dress from Kohls Cinderella collection for juniors. I just love how all of the pieces in the collections are so feminine and dainty.

This floral high-low chiffon dress is definitely princess worthy. And what is a princess without her crown, right? Well I happened to have found a Fairy Godmother who hand makes the most beautiful flower crowns. Paula, the owner and creator of the Etsy shop, Jewel Feathers, is one talented lady. She makes flower crowns for all occasions such as, weddings, bridal showers, parties or for just getting all dolled up. Paula was kind enough to send me this crown from her Etsy shop which is now called 'The Lauren Crown.' I just adore the touches of pink throughout this crown and the little bow that sits at the back. 

For more flower crowns and pictures please visit Jewel Feathers.

xoxo Lauren Gray

Thank you Savi from shootwithsavi.com for taking these photos.

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  1. YES!!! I am in love with Cinderella movie as well, but when I was going to go get the MAC makeup it was sold out, but oh well. The dress looks super pretty! Great post Lauren. :)