How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I thought it was time to update you all on how I edit my Instagram photos- take a look below for all the details! (And make sure to follow me on Instagram @simplylaurengray)


When editing a photo for Instagram I first open the raw, untouched photo in the VSCO app. Above you will see a step by step guide of what I do to my photos in VSCO. I like to keep things pretty natural looking so I simply adjust the lighting and warmth, nothing too crazy here. I make sure to do this exact process for every photo that way my Instagram "theme" is cohesive! Once I have done the steps as mentioned above, I will save the photo to my camera roll and then open that edited one in the Instagram app.


Once I have the photo I edited in VSCO opened in the Instagram app, I like to tweak the photo just a little bit more to make it bright and airy looking. Above you will see screenshots of the exact process I do to all of my photos. Some key steps I want to mention are using the Gingham filter set at about 15, upping the brightness and using the color highlight option and setting that at pink 5 just for a feminine touch to the photo. And voila! That is how I achieve my girly and bright Instagram theme! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! XO.


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  2. I tried this and its work! thank you dear for sharing! please share more tips for perfect instagram feeds like yours :D

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