Favorite Coffee Shops and Eats in PA.

Take a look down below for details about my favorite coffee shops and eats in PA!

Passenger (7 W King St. Lancaster, PA) If you have a love for minimalist design, delicious coffee and good company, then Passenger will be your cup of tea (or coffee.) I did a blog post a few months ago when I first discovered this gem located in the heart of Lancaster City and have gone back many times since then. I would suggest indulging in a latte along with one of their biscuits and jam, I promise these goodies will not disappoint. *Passenger is the most Instagram worthy coffee shop I have ever been to so I would highly suggest bringing along your camera.

Terrain (914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA) Brunch in a greenhouse... need I say more? This quirky little cafe and garden center is a new favorite of mine and it's no surprise because it is actually a branch off of one of my most favorite stores, Anthropologie. The food at Terrain is incredible- each dish is made with locally grown ingredients and they offer a wide variety of coffee drinks and specialty spritzers and lemonades. I would suggest making a reservation ahead of your visit, as this cafe fills up very quickly, especially on Sundays.

Saints Cafe (123 W Beaver Ave. State College, PA) This European-esque cafe holds a special place in my heart because it was the very first coffee shop I had ever been to and is pretty much where my coffee addiction began. The eclectic decor, delicious espresso drinks and warm environment make for the perfect place to curl up with a good book or exchange conversation with friends. Go ahead and order yourself one of their freshly baked pastries and a latte- they are always picture perfect.

Tomato Pie Cafe (23 N Broad St. Lititz, PA) Tomato Pie offers a little something for everyone. They have a great selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner items as well as seasonal coffee drinks and pastries. (The ham and brie panini never ceases to amaze me.) There are two different locations, one in Lititz and one in Harrisburg. I prefer the one in Lititz because it is the original location and has so much character and charm to it.

Rachel's Creperie (201 W Walnut St. Lancaster, PA) If you are looking for French inspired crepes with an American twist, then look no further than Rachel's Creperie. Whether you opt for a savory concoction or a crepe that satisfies your sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed with their delicious creations. My personal favorite is the fresh berry cheesecake crepe that is filled with sweetened cream cheese, seasonal berries, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

Malvern Buttery (233 E King St. Malvern, PA) This place is what brunch dreams are made of. Toast bar? Check. Pretty lattes? Check. Adorable atmosphere? Check. Malvern Buttery runs a bit different than your average brunch spot- you walk in, find a barista thats strolling around with an iPad, order your beverage and then head over to the food bar and fill your plate with whatever your heart desires (each item on the food bar has its own individual price), you then find a spot to sit at the picnic table style seating and there you will find a notepad and you write down what food items you picked up from the bar, your barista will find you and bring you your drink and take the "receipt" you wrote and they will check you out right there on an iPad. I would suggest getting there as early as possible because seating fills up quickly!


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