Springtime Stroll.

I love adding unexpected pieces to an outfit. Take this subtle mint blouse and skirt combination that I put together for example; by itself this outfit is simply charming, but it needed something to make it complete. What better way to spice up a somewhat neutral outfit than with a pop of pink (and floral.) 

This Lands End coat is my go-to for Spring. Its feminine print and color scheme have 'Lauren Gray' written all over it. Some might think that this coat is not very practical because of its busy print, but it actually pairs nicely with just about anything in my closet and it works wonderfully for pattern mixing.

I can't thank my photographer Savi, from shootwithsavi.com for shooting these and many other photos for me. He really is just such a blast to work with and I feel as though he captures each and everyone one of his clients personality in his photos. Thank you, Savi.

xoxo Lauren Gray

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  1. Oh my goodness! That dress is SO so cute! I love the bow at the front and the sheer stripes for the skirt part. Great outfit!