By The Yellow Awnings.

Being at Rehoboth Beach is a bloggers dream. With colorful restaurants and boutiques lining the boardwalk, there are so many photo opportunities that I don't necessarily have at home in my small town. On our way to dinner last night I had to keep stopping my family so they could snap shots of me in front of these colorful places- one spot in particular that I adore is this little bike shop with yellow awnings and red flowers. This place is full of memories for me because my family has been going to Rehoboth Beach for as long as I can remember and we used to go this bike shop and rent one of those bikes that can sit eight people and we would cruise around town for the day. Such good memories!

This is not the first time this gingham dress has made an appearance on Simply Lauren Gray (last seen here.) It is definitely a favorite go-to item in my closest because it can be dressed up or down. For dinner last night I paired it with simple black wedges and my straw hat for a casual evening look. I am warning you in advance that I will be wearing this straw hat in most of my beach shoots because I could not bring my whole collection with me. (Ha!)

Dress / Wedges / Hat (sold out)

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  1. This outfit is adorable, especially by the yellow awnings!!