Coffee Crawl.

As many of you may know by now, I like to consider myself a coffee shop enthusiast so it was no surprise when I decided to go on a coffee crawl for my bachelorette party a few weeks ago. What is a coffee crawl you may ask? Well basically instead of going on a bar crawl (I am only 20 *sigh*), my gals and I hopped from coffee shop to coffee shop all day long and indulged in lattes and pastries galore! It was like a dream for me. Our first stop was brunch at Malvern Buttery where we stuffed our faces with fancy smancy toast from their delicious toast bar. We then headed off into Philadelphia to hit up Reanimator where we sipped on iced coffees. For a late lunch and some more coffee (duh) we went to La Colombe. There we consumed our weight in grilled cheese and tomato soup and we finished off with an espresso scone which was oh-so yummy. We had plans on hitting up a few more coffee shops in center city but we were pooped! So we ended my bachelorette party with some shopping, a late night trip to Chipotle and a sleepover at my besties apartment. It was perfect.

*Special thanks to for providing my gals and I with the most darling tote bags for my coffee crawl.

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