My Wedding: Part Two.

As promised in part one of my wedding series posts, today I am going to be sharing details all about our first look session. For months leading up to our wedding I was 100% sure that I did not want to do a first look simply because I wanted the whole traditional "don't see each other until the bride walks down the aisle thing." But just a few weeks before the big day, I had a meeting with my wedding planner and he sold me on the idea. Basically, he said that first look sessions are a great way for couples to calm their nerves/emotions together before the ceremony which could result in much better (less puffy eyed) photos whilst walking down the aisle. He also said that nothing beats first look photos because they capture beautiful, raw emotions and boy was he right...

If you watch my wedding video below you can see the whole first look. I am so pleased that we decided to do the first look session and I can honestly say I was much more calm and relaxed while walking down the aisle. More details about our ceremony and reception to come in my next wedding series post!


*photos taken by Savi You, some editing done by me.

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