Flowers and Stripes.

There is something about garden centers that makes me feel at ease; I think it all stems back to my childhood, where I would waltz around green houses and flower shops with my parents, collecting fallen flower petals for my "collection" and admiring all the pretty blooms whilst the sweetest fragrance filled the air. Now every time I step into a garden center I can't help but think of those lovely memories.

I had been itching to get my green thumb to work, so yesterday afternoon I slipped into this striped ruffled blouse and some short denim overalls and Joseph and I headed over to the garden center. *cue nostalgic memories* I wanted to pick up some flowers for our doorstep and Joseph wanted some herbs for the kitchen. Oh how I wish we had a house with a yard in the back so I could have a full garden with fruits and veggies in it. Hopefully someday!

Blouse c/o | Similar Shortalls | Similar Hat

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