How To Make Raspberry Macarons.

A few days ago my bestie Kayleigh and I had ourselves a gals day and we made raspberry macarons with cream cheese filling! They turned out absolutely perfect- sweet, chewy, and oh so instagrammable ;) This was my fourth or so time making macarons and each time I made them I used this same shell recipe and its never failed me, so of course I wanted to share it with you! The recipe I have below is for raspberry macaron shells, but you can substitute the flavored extract for just about anything your heart desires- mint, lemon, vanilla, etc. and you can also change colors for the food coloring to match whatever flavor you choose. For these raspberry macarons, Kayleigh and I simply used this cream cheese frosting recipe to fill our shells, but you could use anything from chocolate ganache to lemon buttercream to fill them. The possibilities are endless! If you make these macarons make sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can see your creations! XOXO.

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