How to Get Lilly for Less.

I am a long time lover of Lilly Pulitzer. The only thing stopping me from having a wardrobe full of Lilly's beautiful printed resort wear and colorful dresses are the price tags *sigh.* Over the years I have treated myself to a few Lilly dresses but let's be honest, I can't always spend $200+ on a new dress whenever my heart desires. But luckily I have found a solution to fix my Lilly cravings! The answer is: Poshmark. If you are not familiar with the app, it's basically a place where you can buy and sell new and used clothing. I used to use the app just to sell my gently used clothes but recently I discovered that there is a whole world of Lilly clothes just waiting for a new home! Buying second hand is great for any gal on a budget who craves that luxe Lilly lifestyle. I have already purchased two Lilly dresses off the Poshmark app this spring and I am already eyeing up a few more!

Here are some of my tips for buying Lilly on Poshmark:

1.) Make sure its authentic! Ask to see a photo of the tag inside the dress before purchasing.

2.) Ask about wear and tear. Most sellers on Poshmark will be honest and say if anything is wrong with the dress in the description but I always like to ask if nothing is stated.

3.) Check everyday for new listings! When searching, I use the key words " Lilly Pulitzer dress" and new listings will automatically pop up. You can also change the algorithm from "just shared" to "prices low to high" by clicking the sort button. You may have to scroll a little ways to get to the good stuff but its worth checking out to see what deals you can find.

4.) Make sure the seller posts real photos of the dress, not just online photos from the site. Ask to see photos of the actual dress they are selling to make sure it's legit.

5.) Make an offer! But don't lowball. I always like to make a reasonable offer and most of the time the seller will accept or make a new offer. Remember that it is still a Lilly item so don't lowball sellers unless there is something wrong with the piece.  Most gently worn Lilly items I have seen sell for $50-$100. NWT (new with tag) pieces will sell for more.

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