Bean Boots & Ice Skates.

Hello there, first blog post of 2019! On January 1st I woke up feeling so fresh and motivated- I couldn't wait to get up and start creating content for the new year! I slipped into my new bean boots (full review on them coming soon!!) and headed out the door. My husband and I grabbed some Starbucks and made our way to Lancaster to do a little shopping and we just happened to come across this darling little covered bridge on a back country road. We pulled over, hopped out of the car and snapped a few pictures on my iPhone. Normally I wouldn't make a whole blog post with just iPhone pictures but I figured why not!? I love these photos and my outfit so who cares! Sidenote: no, I did not go iceskating... I just thought these vintage skates made for a cute prop ;) 

You can find all of my outfit details at the bottom of this post!

Bean Boots | Coat | Skirt | Sunglasses | Socks | Hat (old from Anthropologie) | Scarf (old from J. Crew)

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