Q&A About Jack Rogers.

My Jacks Collection! Clockwise: Platinum Wedge Jacks, Raffia & Gold Classic Jacks, Platinum Lauren Sandal, Gold Classic Jacks, White Classic Jacks

Happy Saturday loves! Today I wanted to share a Q&A post all about my favorite preppy, Spring and Summer sandals, Jack Rogers. It's honestly a rare occasion not to find a pair of Jacks on my feet during the warmer months and there are many reasons for that! If you are in the market for a quality and timeless sandal then Jacks are for you!! Take a look below for my Q&A all about Jacks!

What was your first pair of Jacks?

My first pair of Jacks were the platinum Lauren sandal! I had been eyeing them for years on Pinterest before finally biting the bullet and purchasing them for myself. I think this was a great first pair to own because the platinum color pairs beautifully with gold or silver accessories and pretty much everything in my closet. I love how feminine and pretty the Lauren sandal is; the straps have almost a scallop look to them which is such a lovely touch and they dress up any outfit. These will always have a special place in my closet! 

If you could only own one pair of Jacks which pair would it be?

I think the photo above speaks for itself when I say that my white flat Jacks are my absolute favorite and would be my choice if I could only have one pair. They seriously go with everything!!! If you aren't sure where to start your Jacks collection, I would start with a classic pair like these.

Are Jacks comfortable?

At first, no. But trust me when I say that after just a few wears they mold to your feet and become the most comfortable shoe in your closet. I got a few small blisters on the side of my feet when breaking in new pairs, but once the leather softened I was good to go. I only had my white Jacks for a short period of time before bike riding 8 miles around Mackinac Island last summer and guess what? no blisters! I would suggest wearing socks with new pairs around your house to break them in even quicker.

Do Jacks run true to size?

I am almost always an 8.5 in all shoes and that's what I wear in Jacks! At first when I put on a pair of the classic Jacks I thought they were too small but I am glad I did not size up because as mentioned above, once you break them in the leather softens and they become looser. If anything, I would say that Jacks run a bit narrow. I have naturally pretty skinny feet and the classic pairs just fit me. Jack Rogers does offer a wide fit though so I would check that out if you feel like that would be more comfortable for you. If you are truly in-between sizes, I would recommend going up rather than down.

Side note: Jack Rogers always have the size written on the inside of their shoes. If you're a half size like me, your Jacks will be marked with either a dash or M (or both) after the number on the inside of your shoe (example: 8.5 = 8- or 8-M.) When I first ordered a pair of Jacks I thought they sent me the wrong size because they fit snug like I said earlier and I thought 8-M meant 8 Medium, but after doing research I found out that's just how they mark their half sizes!

Favorite outfit to style Jacks with?

My favorite way to style Jacks is obviously with a Lilly Pulitzer dress! The bright colors of Lilly compliment the classic style of Jacks so beautifully, making them the perfect Summer combo. I do also love a good navy and white striped tee paired with white denim and gold Jacks.

Are Jacks worth the money?

Yes yes and yes!!! I think Jacks are definitely more of an investment piece but their timeless style and amazing quality make them so worth it. You will have these shoes in your closet for years to come!! (You can use my referral code for $10 off your next Jack Rogers purchase by clicking here!)

If you have any other questions about Jack Rogers I would love to answer them in the comments below!

*all opinions are my own

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  1. I'm stuck between the platinum lauren style or the platinum classic style! Which would you choose??? It's my first pair but I jeep going back and forth between the two!