Blair Waldorf Style.

I recently started re-watching the entire Gossip Girl series on Netflix after finishing it a few months ago, and I have fallen in love with Blair Waldorf's style all over again. For those of you not familiar with Gossip Girl, Blair is one of the main characters in the series and her style is absolutely darling and she has the personality to match. She wears very classic, preppy pieces but adds her own twist on them, and she has so much confidence that any outfit she wears looks perfect. 

I was inspired to do a Blair outfit after watching the first few episodes in season one so this is what I put together. Blair is known for her accessories; whether it is a giant bow headband or a pink beret, she always has a little something to make her outfit special. With that being said, I had to break out my raspberry beret for my look. Blair also is known for wearing very feminine outfits- it is pretty rare to see her sporting pants or jeans in the series. Because Blair loves dresses, bows and feminine prints, I paired a floral print dress over a bow blouse for a classic yet chic look. 

I think this outfit would be Blair approved. 

xoxo Lauren Gray

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  1. Blair approved for sure! You look darling!