Spring Scents.

I have always been a fan of floral scents. They are just so feminine and delicate, and instantly make me think of spring time. My darling Joseph was at a conference in Baltimore and he happened to stop by the Anthropologie there and he picked me up a few goodies- I know, I am such a lucky gal! He got me a floral teacup, a polka dot apron, a strawberry lippie and rosebud salve. How sweet is he? 

I can't get enough of the rosebud salve, it is so light and airy and just the right amount of scent, not too much. Some rose scents are strong and unbearable but this one is perfect, it makes me want to wear a blush colored tulle skirt and skip through a field of flowers. HAHA. The strawberry lip balm smells just as divine and tastes so good that I could eat it, and it keeps my lips refreshed and moisturized! I will definitely have to make a trip to Anthro to pick up some more of their beauty supplies, because I am obsessed with these items! 

xoxo Lauren Gray

Earrings are from Sparkle & Whim.

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