Sweet Pea.

In honor of National Fragrance Day on Saturday, March 21st, I'm partnering with Bath and Body Works to celebrate one of my "signature" scents, Sweet Pea. This sweet, feminine scent holds a special place in my heart because it is one of the very first fragrances my mother introduced me to from Bath and Body Works many years ago, and ever since then I have found ways to incorporate this fresh scent into my everyday beauty routine.

Sweet Pea is an award-winning mix of juicy raspberries and pear kissed by soft pink petals, so this scent is perfect for springtime (or any time of the year!) With fresh florals and luscious fruits in mind, I came up with a sweet outfit that I think represents Sweet Pea perfectly. Because this fragrance is light and delicate, I picked out a pretty little chiffon dress with stunning floral appliqué details. I wanted to incorporate lots of flowers into my look because when I think of Sweet Pea I imagine a field full of blush pink wild flowers and butterflies in the air, so I added this beautiful handmade flower crown to my outfit. All that was left to complete this look was a spritz (or two) of the Sweet Pea Eau de Toilette.

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xoxo Lauren Gray

Dress- LC Lauren Conrad // Flower Crown- Jewel Feathers

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