Long Locks.

I have always adored long, luscious hair, and it seemed like every fashion blogger had long locks except for me. I have naturally curly hair that is thin and brittle and my hair just never wants to grow past my shoulders. But Dirty Looks came to the rescue! They were kind enough to send me their HK Full Head Clip-In Extensions and it was love at first sight. 

I had never used any sort of hair extensions before so this was all new to me. When trying to decide what color would best match my hair I was at a loss. I use a home box dye for my hair and sometimes my hair looks different depending on the lighting so trying to decide on a color was nearly impossible. Thankfully Dirty Looks has multiple ways to help choose the right shade. I first watched their YouTube video which shows all of the different shades of blonde, they also have a video just for you brunettes. Then I emailed Dirty Looks a few photos of my hair in natural lighting and they got back to me right away with the shade they thought would be the best fit for me, which was the color Parisian. The team at Dirty Looks then suggested that I double check the color on their shade matcher website (www.shadematcher.com) I cannot even express how helpful this was. It is one thing to see a photo of a swatch of hair, but sometimes the color looks totally different when it is on someone. I would definitely suggest doing these steps to assure you get the best color match for your clip in extensions. 

Putting the extensions in was a breeze! Like I mentioned earlier, I had never used extensions before so I had no idea what I was doing and I was a bit nervous about putting them in. Once again, Dirty Looks came to the rescue and had multiple ways of assuring that I put my extensions in properly. The set came with a booklet which had instructions on how to put the extensions in; each weft is numbered in the set so this made it super simple to identify which weft goes where. I found that their YouTube video helped best when it came to learning how to wear the extensions. For as full and lovely as my hair looked and felt after placing all the wefts in, I was surprised at how light they felt in my hair.

You will be seeing these extensions on my blog a lot because I am absolutely in love with them. My hair dreams have come true thanks to Dirty Looks and I cannot wait to try some different style with them. My experience with Dirty Looks was wonderful. Everyone on their team was so friendly and helpful. I would highly suggest checking out Dirty Looks' website to shop all of their extensions and products. 

xoxo Lauren Gray

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