On The Green.

Next to dresses, skirts are easily my most favorite item in my wardrobe. If I could wear my tulle skirt everyday without getting strange looks from people in the supermarket or Starbucks, I probably would. But for now I will just stick to skirts that are more casual and easy-going. 

This pleated crepe skirt from Old Navy practically screamed my name when I saw it in store the other week. Its simplistic stripe design and flouncy fabric were just too perfect to pass up, and nothing is prettier than a crisp white piece for Spring and Summer, so this skirt just had to make its way into my closet. I wanted to keep this look clean and casual so I paired this skirt with a soft, ruffled blouse and a straw boater hat. I am starting to think I need a new hat (or two) because I wear this one so often! I will put that on my wish list along with a million other things. Ha!

xoxo Lauren Gray

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  1. I'm in love with your hair :) Very nice pics.

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