Chicago Style.

This past weekend my family and I traveled to Great Lakes, Illinois for my brothers Navy bootcamp graduation (I am so proud of you, Phillip!) While there, we decided to take a day trip into Chicago because it was only a short thirty minute drive from where we were staying. It just so happened that last summer my sister and I made a bucket list and one of the things on our list was to see "The Bean" together and sure enough that was our first stop in the city! It was such a gloomy day, but luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to get some photos in front of the gigantic steel bean in Millennium Park. It is such a magnificent piece of art that really shows off Chicago's beauty. We arrived there late in the afternoon and there were a lot of other tourists snapping photos and admiring the bean, so if you would like the place to yourself I would suggest going early in the morning. 

Another amazing (but kind of strange) piece of art in Millennium Park were the Crown Fountains which feature different faces that change every few minutes and they spit out water. This was just a short walk away from the bean. After watching the faces change a few times, we headed downtown to get a taste of Chicago's famous deep dish pizza, which was incredibly delicious.

The rain was off and on all afternoon so we browsed through some shops and then found ourselves in a small coffee shop, Intelligentsia, where we sat back and sipped on the prettiest (and might I add super delicious) lattes.  As far as my outfit went for the day, I wore this beautiful lace overlay dress that I recently purchased from Asos and I paired it with pointy black heels I picked up from TJ Maxx. I pulled my hair up into a topknot to keep the outfit from appearing too formal.

One day in the city was not enough- I could have easily spent at least another week in Chicago exploring all of its hidden gems. I guess that means I will just have to come back another time!

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