Beige Babe.

I feel as though I gravitate towards neutral tones in the summertime because they pair nicely with sun-kissed skin. While shopping around in Forever 21 I spotted this beige midi dress and I was instantly intrigued by its unique combo of knit and chiffon. It reminded me of something you would spot in Anthropologie, but for half the price. I don't usually find a lot of pieces in Forever 21, but if I take the time to search through the (many) racks of clothing, sometimes I can find some hidden gems.

Another beige item that I am loving are these sunnies from Polette. Believe it or not these beauties are only $13.99, but could totally pass off for designer shades. Polette offers so many stylish sunnies for a fraction of the price as brand name ones and you can also customize your Polette shades for your eyesight by adding your own prescription to them. A few of my favorite sunnies from their collection are these clear ones, these pink ones and these tortoise ones.

Dress / Sunnies / Necklace / Hat (similar)

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